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To qualify as an Educator and run your own Family Day Care, there are some basic qualifications and professional requirements that need be gained. At Dawn 2 Dusk, it is our aim to provide high quality standards of education to teach andguide our future Educators in gaining their qualification. Our commitment and passion is a stand out in the industry, and with over 20 years experience within our staff we are sure to cater to your needs.

Our easy to learn approach makes training with us a breeze. We provide training in small groups, on site, allowing for personalised teaching methods to make sure you follow through and achieve your qualification with flying colours. Not ony do we follow the curriculum to help you gain the qualifications, we also provide extra tips and support to help develop more rounded and top quality Educators.

Dawn 2 Dusk also runs a support and professinal development program to help Educators along their way. We assist in ongoing support, info nights, home visits, and any additional training and skills to help provide the best possible care for the children.

What qualifies me to be an Educator?

Becoming an Educator in Australia requires a recognised Certificate III in Children’s Services. You also require a current first aid and CPR certificate and training in the emergency management of asthma and anaphylaxis. These certificates are very important and are qualifications that we take very seriously.

Appropriate clearances for working with children is essential, as well as a current public liability insurance. Please speak to one of our Coordinators for more information regarding this.

After gaining the appropriate qualifications, the next step is to ensure you provide a safe premises to operate your Family Day Care. Dawn 2 Dusk provides services to assess your property and advise of any minor changes or additions that may be needed. At the end of the day, it is our mission to help you qualify and to enroll children to your maximum potential.

Courses that we offer
•  Certificate III Early Childhood Education & Care (Childrens Services)
•  Diploma of Early Childhood Education & Care (Childrens Services)
•  Certificate I, II and III in EAL

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