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Our Philosophy

Dawn 2 Dusk is a home based child care service that provides opportunities to learn and develop your childrens skills within the environment of real home life. This allows your child access to suitable materials and equipment, is culturally appropriate, culturally diverse and provides for a variety of experiences that would appeal to each individual child.

We provide the appropriate and flexible programs for home-based early childhood to ensure that childrens’ needs are met. A range of experiences for young children, based on their needs and individual abilities will be regularly offered by qualified and Nationally recognised home based educators.

The home based educator endeavors to stimulate and develop each childs social, physical, emotional, intellectual, language and creative potentials and will provide activities that are appropriate to the development of your child.

The educator will also provide a balance of indoor and outdoor activities, active and quiet activities that your child can also freely choose, making for a very enjoyable experience.

The development and use of our programming model ensures that:

  • the perceptions of all involved in the care of children, particularly educators, and the needs of individual children are taken into account;
  • the educator is aware of the program aims;
  • all parents have access to knowledge of the experiences offered to their children and the educators aims for the group as a whole.

Family Day Care is like a society in which every child is given the opportunity in early childhood to develop the abilities to meet life’s challenges and opportunities. We believe that all children are equal and should have the chance to participate in positive learning experiences and opportunities regardless of age, ethnicity and level of ability, gender or religion. Family Day Care should be provided in a way that stimulates and develops a childs creative, emotional,, intellectual, lingual, physical, recreational and social potential. In order to achieve this goal, Dawn 2 Dusk Family Day Care will offer a quality home based childcare service that is affordable and responsive to the needs of families in the community.

Our aim is to develop resources and manage a Family Day Care service that fulfils the needs of the community. We will work in partnership with families to provide professional and high quality care for the children.

To improve the service continually, we seek to obtain valuable contribution from parents, Home-based Educators, Coordination Unit and Management. We believe children in our Family Day Care will benefit from the work from the efforts we put in their development. We work together to build positive relationships. We work with the children in the context of their family and community. We value staff, educators and volunteers as our primary resource in the delivery of high quality programs for the children and their families.We recognise the mutual influence of our partnerships with our local and professional communities.



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